The Fruits of Labor

The Fruits of Labor

I am sure we all have our goals, dreams, aspirations, or something you want whatever you may call it. I want you to visualize whatever your answer is that you want as a new nation. Your own nation that you want to start from the ground up.

Now consider the time it takes, the effort, the resilience, and the patience to craft your nation. Now, let us say the work you put in every day represents that of your craftsman.

Not a single craftsman joined the efforts assuming it would be an easy task to create a nation from the ground up. Architects, engineers, builders worked hours at a time. They were met with adversity and sometimes became discouraged and at times there were so many. Those on the sidelines doubted anything could become of their efforts.

However, with effort, resilience, patience, and dedicated clear minds. They built house after house, bridge after bridge, and road after road. Soon enough through all the fruits of labor, a beautiful nation was conceived.

Translated into your life remember that if the beauty of the fruits of labor is worth it for you. Take the time and patience to works towards what you desire every day. Remember that no matter that as long as you are trying it is being built no matter how stuck you seem to be. Some days you will be an architect, engineer, or builder. Many times you will be all three but keep it up! Finally, remember that most great things in life require you to put in work daily and almost never come easy.

See you next time. Oh and remember, we are at the nozzle!


Rekindling a Fire. Project – J434

Rekindling a Fire. Project – J434


I’m Jonathan and this is Project – J434!

This is the beginning of an endless journey to become the best man I can be with the finite amount of time I have on this beautiful earth!

I want to preface that statement by letting you all know that I spent most of my life as a slacker. Now, that is not to say I didn’t achieve good things, I did. However, I will admit that have done many things throughout my life very half-heartedly.

I made good grades but sometimes I did the minimum requirement. I wanted to be fit but could never stay consistent with my diet or my workout plans. I wanted to learn to ride BMX but like working out, I was never consistent. I wanted to be a great firefighter but I was not always consistent with my training as well. I was a good firefighter though.

That was the problem though, either never accomplished what I set out to do or I simply just “good” at it. You know my uncle always got onto me when he asked me how something was going and I replied, “Just Good”. He always told me why “just good”?

He was right, why not try to be great at what you do? Attempting to be just good or good enough is bullcrap. What sucks the most about doing things half-heartedly is you miss all the opportunity if you just gave it that much more to be great at what you do.

So, this is where Project РJ434 comes into play. The fun and games are over, I am currently 23 years old and not where I want to be. I have the vision for the man I desire to be in my mind and sometimes it almost like he speaks to me in my dreams urging me to rekindle the flame  I once had when I was a kid. A time when I challenged the world and where along the way I got lost.

There will be no more half-hearted commitments. I will go all in and fully involved.

See you next time and remember, we are at the nozzle!  РJon